For some reason, sometimes art just turns out

QL CH 15

IMG_3044For some reason, sometimes art just turns out. This piece, from chapter 15, was done all in gouache. A medium (like acrylic) that Im not well versed in. I did a small thumbnail for the picture and it looked great in five minutes. I told myself “Now, if I can just make the finish look like that…” and for some reason, it just worked. I do small thumbnails for all my pieces – a trick my good friend Steve Rude taught me. If it reads at 1.5 inches, it will read just fine any larger. This one worked. I consider it the best piece in the book. IMG_3043An important piece as well, because the Battleship Bright was a focal point of the story. The flagship of the Murine fleet, and cornerstone to their survival. It had to look really cool. Sleek, shiny, new, powerful. I think the design that came to me did that.

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